How Much Are Your Customers Really Willing To Spend?

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Between A Rock And A Hardscape

If you have ever read a book about sales or taken any formal sales training, you will have undoubtedly learned that one of the keys to successfully bringing a new customer aboard is to establish early their budget for the project.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? Find out right away how much the client is willing to spend so you can keep the project within their budget.

Don’t do it. Leave the budget conversation for the meeting when you present your design.

I know what you’re saying; “That’s ridiculous. I don’t want to spend all that time working with a client and putting together a design just to find out that they can’t afford it.”

I agree. It would be frustrating. But so is doing a $25,000 project for a client who would have spent $40,000 if you had given them an outdoor retreat rather than just a backyard reno.

The problem with establishing a budget early in your meetings with your client is you are going to be limited by it during the design process. Work on determining the customers vision and dreams for their backyard/driveway. Suggest adding a grill island, borders, pergola, seating wall and fire pit. They will tell you what is important to them. Use those features to establish the price for the project, not the random number that the client pulls out of the air when you ask them “How much do you want to spend?”

Still worried that your design will be too expensive?

Okay. Is $5 for a cup of coffee expensive? To some people it is. But ask someone who spends $50 a week on fancy coffees at Starbucks. They want the Venti Carmel Machiatto and have no problem paying for it. People will spend more than they expect if they they are getting more than they expect. It’s their hard earned money so let them spend it having you build them the backyard retreat that they will be proud to show off to their friends and family (or as I like to call them, referrals!).

There is a ceiling for every customer when it comes to their budget but don’t sell yourself and your projects short. Your customers are willing to spend more for their dreams when you design with their desires in mind. Not their budget.


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