Make Your Company Memorable

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Between A Rock And A Hardscape
Does your company stand out from the crowd?

Does your company stand out from the crowd?

I was having lunch with a friend recently who had arrived a few minutes before me at our chosen restaurant. He had ordered a Coke and was running out to his car to grab his phone when I asked him which one of the waitresses was ours.

“The one with the glasses” he said.

I stared over at the two brunette servers. One was at least four inches taller than the other and perhaps ten years older. The younger one had highlights, was a few pounds heavier and her hair was shorter. As a pair, they were similar but in a superficial way. But not alike. It was not hard to distinguish one from the other.

But when I asked my friend which was our server, how had he answered? He hadn’t said the shorter one, or the one with longer hair, or the one with the highlights. He’d said the one with the glasses.

Wearing glasses was the major difference between them and it overrode all the other differences. The other differences were matters of degree. Taller, younger, thinner, highlights. The glasses were not matters of degree. One woman wore them and the other one didn’t. An absolute difference. No confusion. Our waitress was the one with glasses.

What do your customers and prospects remember about you and your company? Go over your typical customer presentation and write down the points that you feel make you stand out in the crowd of other contractors. And then have someone you trust look at the list. Together you can decide whether you have been telling your prospects that your taller, younger, thinner, have longer hair and highlights.

Or that you wear glasses.

Happy Hardscaping!

  1. This is a great piece of advice.

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