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Work Smart In The Offseason

Work Smart In The Offseason To Grow Your Business in 2013

You are plowing driveways instead of installing them, your breath is the same consistency as the exhaust on your truck, and your TV is constantly tuned to the weather channel. It’s that time of year to concentrate on plowing and salting and let your Hardscape work slip comfortably into hibernation.
Or is it?
This is the perfect time to work smarter than your competition and be better prepared to grow your hardscape business in 2013.  It’s important not to mistake motion for action so here’s a list of 4 things your competition will be doing this offseason and ways for you to do it better:
1. Your competition will be spending time at their local building supply settling their account and having coffee with the order desk. 
You should be finding out what new product lines your local supplier may be stocking and if there will be any expected price increases in 2013. Accurate pricing and additional product choices give you a significant edge when quoting projects over the winter and early spring.
2. Your competition will be visiting the local landscape shows and talking to the local reps about the possibility of an early spring.
You should be calling your local product reps and finding out what they will showing in their show booth. If they have no new product offerings or they are not products you will use, skip their booth and spend time with the vendors that have something your clients will want.
3. Your competition will have a booth in a local home show, offering homeowners a list of their services and pricing. 
You should be using your booth to show an example of your design work. Have an iPad or laptop with your local suppliers catalogue and photos of the creative work your company has successfully installed. A list of references from satisfied clients will truly set you apart.
4. Your competition will be attending events sponsored by the manufacturers for a free meal and some token gifts. 
You should be attending as many manufacturer events as possible to learn about proper installation methods and to keep on top of what new products your competition will be showing your customers next season.
Being better than your competition starts with investing your time and effort in off season activities that will better prepare your company for growth in 2013.
Happy Hardscaping!